Google Play Store - publishing in the Isle of Man

I recently needed to publish an Android app in the Google Play Store and make it
available for users in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.

This was harder than expected, because for some reason Google does not list the
Isle of Man as an option in the list of countries / regions.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

I’m not the only one to have experienced this issue - in fact, it’s such a common
frustration that someone started a Parliamentary petition back in 2015 about
this issue (though unfortunately I think the one signature didn’t quite have the
desired effect).

For anyone who needs the solution, here it is:

Check the box marked “Rest of World”.

Screenshot 3

Maybe one day, Google will recognise the Isle of Man as a separate entity, but
until then it’s lumped in the “other” category. In fact, Google does state this
in a footnote here:

Locations that are not explicitly listed in this table (or automatically included with another location, as listed below) fall under the Rest of the world category. By enabling distribution to Rest of the world, you automatically include all locations grouped in this category.